Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Had an amazing end to last week!  I went with my Key Leadership Team from Adventure Kidz, and we spent a few days getting to know one another better and discussing the direction we will take for 2009.  
I have an incredible team that I am so thankful for.  Each of them brings their talents and gifts to the table to create a TEAM that is focused on doing great things for the kids that we are privileged to serve.
I would highly recommend this for any kids pastor who is trying to develop more of a sense of team unity.  We did the retreat for less than $100, so even in an economically challenging time, it can be done.
To my team, Thanks for joining me, you all are incredible and a huge blessing to me and Hope!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Dirty Word

Change- We are all creatures of habit, and one thing that no one truly loves is change.  I guess that is not entirely true, we don't really mind change when we can see the obvious benefits that are headed our way, but when there is even the slightest bit of uncertainty, change can be devastating!  I have found that the only way to avoid change though is to stop breathing!  I recently reread John Maxwell's book "Developing the Leader Within You".  In it, he has a pretty remarkable quote..."the only thing that stays the same is the fact that change will always happen".  Not sure if I got that exactly right, but you get the idea.  
As we face change, or as we "cause/carryout" change, keep these three things in mind:
1.  Information is key...make sure that everyone is well informed about the changes that you are about to make.  The more info that they have, the less uncertainty they will have, the less uncertainty = the less anxiety.
2.  Listen...Listen...and Listen some more.  Most people will get on board with the change you are proposing, if they feel like they have had a voice.  It is the people who are not able to communicate their frustrations to anyone who will cause the problems.
3.  Pray... before making any change or talking about any change, bathe the issue in prayer.  It is only by the Grace of God that any change will succeed.  We deal with people, and we are unable to impact their hearts the way that the Creator of their hearts can.  Keep going to Him with the plan, and make sure that it is centered on His will!!!

For the record, change usually equals growth!!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I was driving home from church the other day when my wife and I got to experience something pretty cool. Madeline, our 4 year old, loves music (she is always saying “turn it up daddy”) and she is starting to learn how to listen to the words of the songs that are on. She likes to sing along (remembering as many of the words to the song that her 4 year old mind can). We were listening to a song from the Passion CD “God of this City. The song was “Hosanna”, and I was almost brought to tears listening to my baby girl sing “ Hosanna, Hosanna, Hosanna in the Highest”. I am pretty sure that she didn’t know what exactly she was singing, all she knew was that she was singing a praise song to her really big God. I went back and listened to the song one more time a little later, one of the verses jumped out at me. It said “I see a generation, rising up to take their place with selfless faith”. I couldn’t help but think of my little girls and all the children of Hope Fellowship rising up to take their place and do great things for the Kingdom of God.
Sarah and I are so blessed to be a part of the family of Hope Fellowship. Please join us and our entire kid’s ministry team as we pray for and raise up a “generation” that will soon “take their place” to do incredible things for God!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Planning Ahead

It is a brand new year, 2009 in case  you were wondering, and it is time to start planning for the summer time.  I love these times, when my team and I get to dream about the stuff that God wants to accomplish in the lives of our kids.  We had an hour and a half meeting this morning talking about our three summer activities and how we plan to promote them.  It is going to be a great year and I can't wait for what this summer holds.  Gonna be fun!