Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Moving Day!

Well, at least I hope it will be moving day!  We are so close to the completion of our new elementary facility.  This should be, our final weekend in our old space, for both Elementary and Early Childhood.  We called for the certificate of occupancy today, and hopefully the nice inspector from the city of Frisco will come by and give us the thumbs up to move on Friday (the only day they do CO inspections here).
We have partnered with a company called PlanitBig to do all of our theming and I am super excited about what they are about to do.  Their airbrush artists will begin the mural work on Friday afternoon, and the sculpture/styrofoam work will begin Monday.  If you are looking for a theming company, Jason Mattingly and the guys from PlanitBig have been great to work with.  They are a smaller company, which means less overhead/better prices.  I will be posting several pictures of the process over the next few weeks as we move forward toward our grand opening on April 19th.  

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I have spent the last 4 weekends re-interviewing our entire ministry team.  I have had conversations with almost every member of our weekend kids ministry team members.  I think I have completed about 75 or 80 of these interviews.  I am doing it for a couple of different reasons:  1. To make sure that we hear from people, what they like/dislike about what they are doing.  2.  To get everyone on the same page, we are about to move to a new service structure, and I need to make sure that everyone knows what is about to happen. 3.  To get people to buy-in.  I am trying to find about 100 of our people who will commit to being a team member in either Early Childhood or Elementary.  We need people to be Lead Teachers and Assistant teachers in Early Childhood, and to be Small Group Leaders and registration workers and teaching team members for kids church.  It has been great hearing from our staff, what they like, where we can improve, and where we are getting it right.
I love serving with such a committed group of  volunteers!