Tuesday, March 16, 2010

3 More Quit-Yippeee

OK, so Yippeeeee was not exactly my initial reaction. I found our on Sunday that one of the members of my 3rd Service children's ministry team was stepping down for a while, and then, on Monday morning I got an email from two more volunteers in the 3rd service, letting me know that they were stepping down for personal reasons as well. Normally, 3 volunteers would not be a very pleasant loss, but in 3rd Service, those 3 Volunteers represented half of my Kids church Staff.
SO, what am I to do? Well, the only thing that I can do is practice what I preached for almost 2 weeks in Kenya. I have to begin recruiting like Jesus did, find people who will be the right fit, and then work hard to train and grow them into the people that God has for this group of kids. It will not exactly be fun, but it will be a challenge, and I love Challenges!!! So here we go.

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