Saturday, August 9, 2008


Went to the Leadership Summit this week.  It was pretty good overall! I am still not a big fan of the video venue concept for a conference, I would much rather be there in person to completely experience the event.  It was nice though to be able to come home to the girls each night.

I think the session that was the most impacting to me was the Craig G. session on IT.  His talk was all about the need to have IT and what churches have to do to get IT.  His main point was that before the church/organization can have IT, the leader must have IT.  The only way that a leader can have it is he/she Asks God for IT, and Earnestly seeks IT.  I really enjoyed IT.
This was my second time hearing him speak and I was thoroughly impressed again.  He wrote a book on IT and I am in the Process of reading it.  

The other sessions were good as well, but that want hit me.

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