Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Team Leadership 2

As I sit and watch "The Biggest Loser", I am reminded again about how it is all about teams.  This year on the show, they paired contestants up with family members.  It is allowing them to work together to achieve a goal.  I want my team to work together to achieve the ultimate goal.  
I have already talked about how important it is to have "faithful" members on the team, but I also think that it is vital to have the "detail" people on the team.  I think of how Stephen, and several others, came along side the apostles to help them accomplish the gigantic task that was laid ahead of them.  It was their hard work, and their attention to detail that allowed the apostles to focus on the study and preaching of the word of God.  I think detail people are awesome because they allow the leader to focus on what only the leader can focus on.

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