Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Book "churched"

Just finished a brand new book by Matthew Paul Turner called "churched- one kid's journey toward God despite a holy mess". If you are interested, you can find out more info at www.matthewpaulturner.com.
The book was a good read, it's title tells much of the story.  It is a memoir book where Mr. Turner is taking readers through his childhood memories of growing up in a Fundamental Baptist Church.  I was very skeptical at first while reading the book because I grew up in a very "holiness" driven church and culture as well, and I see many benefits to that "lifestyle" that are often overlooked by people who grew up hating it.  I felt that the author did a fairly good job of depicting that "reality" without bashing it entirely.  
As a kids pastor, it made me think about some of the lessons that I have taught, and how I need to make sure that I am communicating clearly to the little minds who are hearing me.  I can see how easily some "lessons" could be misunderstood in the minds of kids and how it is necessary to make sure that every child understands.
I also appreciated what Mr. Turner had to say about some churches insatiable desire to "win" souls. I think that witnessing is important, and sharing our faith is huge, but I think there needs to be a greater emphasis on discipleship as well.
All in all, it was a good read.  I would recommend it to mature believers who may have had similar struggles.

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