Wednesday, October 15, 2008

This is Ministry

I was reminded again today of something that I heard Craig Groeschel say at The Leadership Summit this year.  He was talking about a particularly busy week he was having and how he ended up having to spend an extraordinary amount of time counseling one individual. He found himself getting frustrated, because he was not able to do the "work of the ministry".  He said that he felt extremely convicted when God reminded him that "this is Ministry".  Ministry is all about people.  I have to remind myself of that fact almost every day.  I am very much a systems and procedures type of guy.  I find it difficult to slow down and spend time with people.
Today was one of those days, which seem to be coming a whole lot more frequently, that God reminded me that "this is ministry".  
Thanks for the reminder God.  Help me, and everyone else who has the privilege of serving you remember that ministry is not about programs and systems, but it is about people.  Being there for people in the hardest moments of their lives and making sure that I am being your hands and your feet.

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