Saturday, October 18, 2008

Go Penn State!!!!  My team had me a bit worried tonight.  I got to watch the first half before church, and recorded the rest of the game.  They lived up to their billing though and crushed the Michigan Wolverines in the second half.  All we have to do is get through the Buckeyes next week, and we should be on our way to the BCS championship game.
This game made me think about leadership a little bit.  It is easy to do just what Penn State was probably doing in the first half of the game.  TO Look past the challenge you are facing, to a challenge that is coming in the future. Though they said all the right things, they were probably a little guilty of looking ahead to Ohio State next week.  How many times have I done that.  I have lost focus on the challenge at hand because I have too much of my attention on the challenge that is on the horizon. 
The challenge for every leader is to focus on the task in front of you while spending enough time preparing your team and yourself for the future challenges you have to be ready for.
Go Penn State!!!!  (Now we can worry about Ohio State)

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