Sunday, March 15, 2009

Proud of a Friend

Got a phone call from a close friend a few hours ago, he is really my first "Timothy" in ministry.  I met him when he was 13 years old and I was the brand new children's pastor at a church in Summerville, SC.  His mom told me that he felt called into kid's ministry and wanted to know if there was anything I could do to help him learn what ministry was all about.
That was the beginning of a friendship that has grown tremendously over the last 8 1/2 years.  Jonathon is now the Kid's Pastor at that church in South Carolina doing a phenomenal job.  He called today to let me know that they were over 500 kids.  It is awesome for me to hear this for a few reasons:  1.  When I left SC a little over two years ago, it was my prayer that the ministry would continue to have an impact on the boys and girls of the community, obviously it is;  2.  The team of people that we left behind still has a vision for greater things to happen in the lives of kids; 3.  And the final most important reason is that a Young, Talented Kid's Pastor is "hitting it out of the park" for the kingdom of God.
I am really proud of Jonathon and Kimberly and all they have been able to accomplish.  I know that Greater Things are yet to come and I can't wait to hear all about them.

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