Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Summer Events- Camp

Kids camp is probably the single greatest week of my ministry year each and ever year! I love camp, I can't think of another opportunity that I as a children's pastor have where kids can be pulled completely out of their routine and dropped into an environment where God is the center and spending time with him is the focus.
We have developed a pretty good camp over the last few years. This summer was our 3rd year in a row to do our own camp. This year we saw 208 campers and 52 staff go with us to Adventure Quest. The reasons for camp are clear: We put kids in an environment where they can focus on God, we get to spend hours of time building relationships with kids, and we have the chance to see God do some incredible things in the lives of kids!
I love Camp!

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Eva Green said...

The summer in the camp it is the best memories from my childhood. I was the first in writing an expository essay about "How I spent my summer". I still have many friends from that times and now my children go to the camp every year. This is our family tradition.