Friday, April 4, 2008

Tonight was a little scary,  We were finishing up our General Session at the conference when the Tornado Sirens started going off.  The herded everyone to a "safe" room in the building.  It would have been all good if it wasn't for the fact that my girls were down the street in another location.  I think I felt for the first time they way that God must feel all the time.  I wanted to pull my little girls close to me and make sure they were safe, but I just couldn't get to where they were.  God is the same way. He definitely has the ability to get to us, but he makes the choice to allow us to choose.  This has got to be the most difficult thing God does.  He lets us make our own choices even when He knows what they will bring on us.  

Everything was fine though, the storms did hit about a mile away and did some damage, but God protected us and my little girls.

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