Sunday, May 11, 2008

Home at Last

Glad to be back in Texas.  The meetings last week were great, but we are at a time in our lives where it is very difficult for me to leave Sarah and the girls.  I really enjoyed meeting a lot of CP's and having the time to get to know them.  All in all, I feel like it was a pretty successful time, it will be interesting though to see what comes out of it.  

Last night was great.  I had 2 hours with a brand new team we formed at Hope to help me with our weekend Kid's services.  Wow, what a talented group of people I am blessed to work with.

I think the challenges of leading a team like this are a lot more fun than some other leadership challenges.  With this team, I just have to concentrate on keeping them in the right direction.  I can't wait to see how awesome the material is that they come up with.  It should be fun.

Hope you have a great Sunday!

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