Monday, November 10, 2008

What a weekend!

This was  a pretty incredible couple of Days at Hope Fellowship.  On Thursday, my leadership team and I recognized the hard work that our volunteer teams have been doing all year long at our first "Leadership Appreciation Banquet".  It was a fun time watching them come in and having the chance to honor them for all they have done.  I had a "God-Idea" on Wednesday morning, and I sent out a request to the parents of Hope.  I asked them to send me notes of appreciation to our team, or to send me a story from their experiences with our team.  The emails came pouring in, and when I finally put the last ones together, we had nearly 15 pages of notes of encouragement.  I was blown away by story after story of changed lives and families.  It made me realize even more that God is using this team to do something special.

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