Saturday, October 17, 2009

Been a While

Wow, seems like a long time since I sat down to post anything...maybe because it has been. I have had a lot going on the last few months. Here are some of the things that I feel like God is teaching me:
1. Everything rises and falls on Relationships...heard my Pastor say this to a group of students just the other day at a Church Planting session he was doing. Wow, hit me right between the eyes. I feel like I have some pretty deep relationships with my team here at Hope. I know though that in order to go farther and go stronger, I am going to need to pour even more energy into those relationships.
2. There is a lot in a name...I have finally picked a name for my son (he is due in about a month and a half. His name will be Mason Scott Berkey. It only took me like 7 1/2 months to come up with it, but I really like it. I had it narrowed down to 3 names for about a month, I was so worried about picking his name. It is something that he is going to have with him forever and I want him to love it (a side note here would be that my dad said, "well you didn't name him sue, so he can't hate you to much if he doesn't like it." I thought that was pretty funny).
3. Teams are awesome!!! If you have ever read this blog, you know that I love teams...over the last few weekends we have had our Mpact and Champs sleepovers and it has been an awesome thing to watch those teams of leaders come together. Things are really headed in the right direction.
4. I love Hope Fellowship...I guess I always have, but lately I can really feel it. I love almost everything about it, especially my Pastor. The last few weeks I have been encouraged every time I have been around him. It is so awesome to serve a man of God that truly loves People.
5. Friendship is pretty stinking important to me...I know that is probably not the most grammatically correct phrase, but after some things happening I have realized that my friends hold a pretty important spot in my heart/life. There are few things that will get me angry faster than when someone is trying to mess with my family and my friends.

That is enough for now. I should probably try to start doing this a bit more often. Not sure why I haven't. Good night!

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