Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Volunteer Director

What is the single greatest resource we have as Children's Pastors? I have read a lot lately on twitter and other CP's blogs about the top ten resources and the "toys every Kid's Pastor should have", but there is one resource that I can never live without-PEOPLE.
It would be impossible for me to have a successful ministry for the boys and girls of Hope Fellowship if I did not have the passionate, God-honoring team that I have. I am blessed to have a team that is truly committed to serving the families of Hope.
The question for me has always been, "How do I continually grow and develop this team to it's full potential?" If you are a kid's pastor long enough, you know that there are about a million things to do each week, so where do I find the time to 1) Recruit 2) Train 3) Encourage or 4) Communicate with more than 180 volunteers. There is no way 1 person can do all of this. That is why I have developed a brand new position for Adventure Kidz, the Volunteer Director. The Volunteer Director is responsible for anything and everything that happens with Volunteers. She (I only say she because right now the individual filling this position is a woman) assists me with every interview we have for new volunteers, she runs our New Staff Orientation Meeting, and she helps out with the recruiting process for all areas of Kids Ministry.
I have been blown away with the success of this position, and I will continue to post updates on the progress we are making.

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