Monday, March 17, 2008

Choosing to Cheat

There is an Andy Stanley book that came out a few years ago called "Choosing to Cheat".  The basic thought behind the book is that you are going to cheat someone/somewhere.  He says that you are either going to cheat your work or your family and he goes on to give some practical ways to make sure that your family will not feel cheated.  
I love Mondays because it gives me an opportunity to spend lots of time with Sarah and the girls. Today was cool because I got to help out around the house doing some things that Sarah really needed, plus I got to spend some quality time with Madeline.  (It is always fun to hold Myah too.)  As a kids pastor I have a lot of kids who want my time and attention, it is always important to make sure the kids in my house know that there daddy loves them.
Hug your kids today!

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Mark Lunsford said...

Scott, I'm glad you're blogging!! I'm looking forward to reading your insight. Regarding this post, our families are our most important relationships. I'm glad you're making them a priority!