Friday, June 27, 2008

St. Paul Assembly of God

I Have spent the week in St. Paul, Va with a good friend, Jimi Watson.  Besides not having any cell phone coverage, or even a Walmart for about 15 miles in either direction, we have had a great week. Wednesday we got to visit the world's fastest half mile!  Bristol Motor Speedway was really cool. I got to climb up the embankment and touch the wall, visit the track owners "SWEET" (yes I know it is suite, but you should have seen it), and stand in victory lane (which at Bristol is on top of a building).  I even got to take a few laps on the track, we were in a tour bus, so the experience was more frightening than it was exciting.  
I have had a great time here though.  Jimi has taught me some great leadership lessons and really taken time to pour into my life about what it means to truly pastor people.  He has a love for this city and these people that is obvious.  I know he will do great things here. I want the love in my heart for the kids of Frisco, McKinney, and the surrounding areas to be as real and as visible as Jimi's love for these people is.  I know that God has called me to Hope and I believe great things will begin to happen as we continue to move forward with that call!


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curious servant said...

Hi there.

I just happened to stop in here, and I read all your posts which aren't archived yet.

A few posts down you were writing about people.

I had an experience a week or so ago which I wrote about.

If you have the time, and indulgence, you might read it. It was an interesting experience which showed me how people, and what motivates them, can be very different than what one thinks.

The post I am referring to can be found at:

Gd bless your work.