Tuesday, June 17, 2008

What a Weekend

We made an emergency trip to SC this weekend.  I learned a few things along the way:
1.  I have a great right hand man, and an incredible team here at Hope.  You all are awesome, I had no doubts that you all could handle things flawlessly!
2.  I want to leave a Legacy.  We went for the funeral of a former Pastor's wife.  Hearing stories and watching people, she obviously left her mark on her Family, her church, and the world.
3.  My Butt falls asleep after multiple hours in the front seat of our truck (that one was just for fun, but it did fall asleep multiple times).
4.  I love Hope Fellowship.  Much like the last time Sarah and I went back to SC (for Jonathon and Kim's Wedding) we realized how awesome God is and how much we enjoy serving Hope Fellowship now.  
5.  My wife is awesome!  She is an amazing Mother and wife, and I love spending Quality Time with her (Like 37 hours in the truck over 4 1/2 days!).   I love you Sarah.
6.  God has a magnificent plan for my Life.  I could see once again how God has orchestrated things in my life and really moved me to a new level as a leader.
7.  Tell the ones you love how you feel every chance you get!  Mrs.  Tania Burgbacher was killed in a tragic car accident 50 feet from her driveway traveling at only 25 mph.  You truly never know when your time might come to an end.  YOU MUST be ready Spiritually and you must take every opportunity to tell the ones you love how you really feel.

This was a worldwind trip, I am glad we made it, but I am even more happy to be home.
I am looking for great things the next few weeks at Hope!

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The Berkey's said...

You are an awesome husband and friend. I love being your wife and i love you.